Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wheels Down...

            I can’t even believe it. Seriously. Its hard to fathom just how far from Texas, from home that I really am this place is unreal and completely stunning it is unlike anything else I have ever seen. The mountains remind me of Telluride, CO, the clouds of Albuquerque, NM, the lake like Livingston, TX, but make no mistake New Zealand is its own marvel in its own right as something completely different from anything before. At the moment we are on a tiny mini bus which has probably been dominating these winding mountain roads for a century-okay okay, probably only a decade but it looks like it is ancient- our driver Carl reminds me of a hippie hobbit and plated us an old New Zealand song on the Ukulele. He also serves as our tour guid in addition to Peter & Gimina. Carl is always popping on the loudspeaker to explain something or tell a good story, super precious. Looking out the window now at the rural countryside, I cannot help but be reminded of the English countryside of the similarities of the rolling hills and the spiraling trees. However, the sky scarping mountains are completely regal in their placement.:

            Wow, im starting to sound like a history book or something haha. We drove from the airport to Te Anau and we are staying in this little complex thing. Its really nice and I’m rooming with Sarah for now. The best thing about it is that it has little bed heaters that you can turn on- I'm seriously in heaven with them since you can turn them on before you get into bed and never be cold! Everyone is really awesome and nice so far and I still can't believe I'm staying in such a magical place. Great time so far! More later!

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