Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beaches With White Rocks

Packing up today to leave Wanaka was definitely the fastest I have packed so far. I think I am getting better at it. Today was the big drive to Franz Joseph for our glacier hike tomorrow! Ant at breakfast ms. Bottoms even pointed out we have 8 days until FIGI. Im pumped. Anyway big drive up the coast today- our longest yet-    3 ½ hours. Yikessss. Its do-able. Stopping for pictures along the way for shots of the ocean helped beat back the bus sickness & we stopped for a good lunch in Hausta (????). I had chicken tenders and fries with strawberry ice cream after and it was really really good considering it was from a grocery store cafĂ©. After lunch it was back on the bus but it wasn’t long before we stopped again and this time it was at the beach. It was a gorgeous black beach with white rocks that people wrote on with their names, well wishes, or the classic “_____ was here!!!!”. We all signed a Nat. Geo. Rock that one of the other girls created and I made my own little rock:

            Romantic I know- seeing everyone else’s love rocks put me in a romantic mood haha. Then of course, back on the bus to go onward. Finally we arrived in Franz Josef and got our room assignments and now wer are all so tired. Night!


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