Friday, June 17, 2011

Sheep & Nomads

Traveling to Queenstown today was a very casual thing. We woke up at a normal time, at breakfast and then hit the road. We had about a 3 hour drive but it was broken up with plenty of stops and picture moments. The most memorable stop was the sheep farm. We had a little trouble finding it but we eventually did and we all tumbled off the bus to see this shearing of sheep. First Andy, the sheep farmer, talked to us and told us all about sheep farming and how it effects the world today. Then we watched him round up the sheep and bring them into the barn with the help of his two adorable dogs:

Once the sheep were in the barn he had to separate them out to decide which ones to shear.  The sheep were jumping all over the place but they were very photogenic models and I think I got some amazing pictures of them:

We watched him shear the sheep and then we all got to pose with it. The sheep was really warm- but kind of heavy when I held it. Eventually after we had all but exhausted our cameras by taking pics of sheep we left and continued on to Queenstown. We are staying in this little place called Nomads- which is basically a really legit hostel. Its really nice and all new. For dinner we went just down the street to this place called Flame, which was a really stylin little place that had some really good food. Back now & super tired. Will be chilling around Queenstown tomorrow! 

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