Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire & Angels

Queenstown is seriously the cutest little city- it reminds me a lot of Cambridge. We woke up around 9ish and left the awesome little hostel “Nomads”. For breakfast we ate at The Bakery and I got two sugary little deserty things for breakfast. They were really good but in the end I switched my apple turnover with someone else to have their little breakfast sandwich. It was really really good and I swear they had the best Chai Lattes ever there. After breakfast we all were able to split up into small groups to go shopping but I had to go to the clinic to get my bugbite checked out. Peter and I walked to the clinic and after getting the doctors opinion we picked up the antibiotics for it just in case. It is probably nothing major and is definitely on the mend but she said there is still a chance of infection so im suppose to “keep on them” haha.  After my little stint to the clinic we walked down the hill to the water where the group was meeting. We made one last group-stop at a souvenir store before we headed up again to ride the Gondola. Just before the Gondola we stopped at a graveyard that initially freaked me out but eventually I was able to get used to it because it was so bright and peaceful. Some of the graves were really old, the oldest we found was 1869 and it was founded in 1867. The grave markers, or tombstones, were really interesting- you were able to see the styles change through the decades and centuries. We took a lot of pictures and I think I got a pretty legit one of an angel:

After the graveyard we rode the gondola, which was much steeper than the Telluride one I had ridden when I was little and the cars were much smaller. From the top though the view was unbelievable. I was able to get a really interesting shot through a fire inside:

I also got a really cool panorama from the top:

It was so pretty today from up there. Really sunny and bright, we were able to eat lunch at the little café there and I got a amazing bacon, turkey, avocado & lettuce sandwich it was really good. After lunch we headed back down and got on the bus to start the trek to Wanaka. We made a short pause to take some scenic pics and it was SO cold when we got out we were out there for a total of like 2 minutes before we all peaced it & jumped back on the bus. We got to Wanaka around like 6pm but the sun was already down. I was able to experiment with a flash at night with a low shutterspeed on metal fences which ended up looking pretty legit. I also got to experiment with my super-zoom lense ms. Bottoms gave me and I caught some action shots of guys playing rugby:

Well, that’s enough today! I can’t even believe that the trip is into its second week!

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