Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nutella & Dolphins

Today there was Nutella for breakfast which made breakfast that much more amazing as we set out for the Sound. Milford sound was amazing times a million. Seriously, the weather was sunny & perfect - but it was really cold & stuff. I tried to dress warm for today and I think I succeed. On the boat we were able to see freshwater dolphins, which came right up to the side of our boat!:

The boat guides said that rarely ever happens and that we were super lucky. We also saw these adorable little seals and I think I got some decent shots of them:

Below deck on the boat there was a little tea area which was so awesome and I made myself a decent little tea-latte. There were some amazing waterfalls and by using a slow shutter speed I was able to get a really awesome shot of one. On the way back we were able to get out take a little hike to the "Chasm" and then after the tunnel take some landscape shots of the ridiculously cool mountains. I seriously can’t comprehend how God was able to carve them- so so cool. 

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