Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mazes & Beats

Today we woke up early to get some sunrise shots down by the lake. I wasn’t able to really get any since Rufus was being super sleepy and not wanting to wake up and take pictures. I kept putting his battery in my jacket to try to revive him, but nothing really worked. I did end up with one useable shot though:

            Pretty right? Yeah it was a pretty lucky shot. After sunrise shots we went back and had a really relaxed breakfast. Miles made a omelet -which really failed into being a scrambled egg omelet when he tried to flip it- but it was super good! Following breakfast we all got on the bus to go to Puzzeling World. Puzzeling World is just what it sounds like- a “world” full of puzzles. I personally like puzzles but I was even more pumped when I heard that it has a giant maze. I love mazes. We didn’t get to the maze right away though, first we looked at the hologram exhibit, and the tilted room- which was so trippy, literally and figuratively- we also so the ames illusion. But then it was on to the maze. When I was in Hawaii my sister and I attempted to conqer the great dole plantation hedge maze. We failed with a lovely time of 45 minutes against the high score of 4 minutes, but I remembered it being a lot of fun. At puzzeling world though the maze was made out of wooden walls, but it was equally as frustrating.  Here’s a view from one of the maze towers:

            After we were all done we waited inside doing table puzzles and games for a bit while we waited on our leaders to get out of the maze. Post- puzzeling world we went on a hike up Mt. Iron. The hike up was brutal when I got double Charlie horses in my calves but the view from the top was stunning. We all got a 360 panorama from the top point and then spent a little bit of quiet time sitting down and taking in the scenery. We hiked back down and got on the bus to go to the little house thing we were staying. We were able to do laundry or just chill out all evening which rocked. After an interesting laundry experience (when isn’t it an interesting experience?) Peter ordered pizza and it was really really good (minus the mushrooms!). We also did a little light painting after dinner.  Then we had a little critique and I showed these two pictures:

            WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW I just sat down with my beats and tried to put them on as I did and I the cord must’ve gotten snagged on the couch as I did and they snapped in half. Greatttttt & I bought these with my own money…... At least Kevin had duct tape that was red that matches and makes the fix a tad less ghetto. I tried. Haha. Well, im pretty tired so night night!

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