Friday, June 17, 2011

Birds & Helicopters

Today, we woke up early and we did our critique of Milford Sound. I showed my waterfall pic:

We then saw the ash in the sky from the volcano that erupted in Chile, it made the mountains look smoky.  Gemina has said it was going to be a “hang around town day” so that’s basically what we did. We had lunch at the Olive CafĂ©, which had really amazing food, & then we walked around the lake a bit, harassing the ducks, and stopped at the outdoor bird sanctuary to check out some of New Zealand’s super cool birds. Many of them are on the threatened list because they are flightless birds & due to the introduction of predators they have all been hunted down to little numbers. I was able to get one posing for me here:

            Also by the bird sanctuary there was a bird conservation building where we watched a little movie on birds. We walked around inside for a bit more and then headed back outside to walk more of the lake. After we were all pretty cold we walked back into town to watch the real movie of the day. The New Zealand movie- it was shot from helicopters and showed some of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen in my entire life. It was really really well done & the shots were breath-taking. After the movie we walked on down to Baliez, which was the sports bar kind of restaurant, in town. It had a really long wait but the food was super good so it was worth it. Last night in Te Anau! 

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